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Aug 27, 2019

This week’s special guest is Chad Tangsriwong from CyberAgent Capital.  Chad is a Chief Representative of Bangkok Office of CyberAgent Capital, leading an operation in Thailand for a Japanese-headquartered VC firm who actively invests in all major cities across Asia Pacific.  As one of the very first native Thais who work for international fund, Chad has made the investment into many top-tier Thai startups, with ClaimDi, Fastwork, Getlinks and SkillLane among others. He has also had a few exits under his belt in Priceza and aCommerce.

Together, we discuss the current state of Thai startup ecosystem and the significant market opportunities that are yet to be exploited.  Chad shares his thoughts on the importance of becoming a regional player in Southeast Asia and why Bangkok is one of the best cities for founders to acheive that goal.