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Mar 4, 2019

This week’s special guest is Lee Bagshaw, a partner at Simmonds Stewart, a leading boutique law firm providing corporate and commercial advice to technology companies and investors in New Zealand, Australia and across Southeast Asia.  Lee is one of the most well-known venture capital and tech lawyers advising start-ups and VC funds in Southeast Asia. He has advised on over 300 financing and M&A transactions in the region in the last few years and before that worked in London for a global law firm. Lee has considerable expertise on seed investments, series A, B and larger financing rounds, and therefore has great insights on regional trends when negotiating equity investment documents, convertible notes or venture debt financings. Last year, Lee released an interactive video series on how to negotiate a series A term sheet in Southeast Asia

In this podcast he shares his perspectives from both sides of the table having advised startups and VC funds in Southeast Asia. He also explains also how Simmonds Stewart engages with the ecosystem through content marketing, most recently with the release of the map of the funding terms, a tool to track typical investment terms at different stages of a company’s life cycle in Southeast Asia, and its free online consult.