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Feb 24, 2019

This week’s special guest is Vikas Nahata from Validus Capital.  Vikas is the Executive chairman and co-founder at Validus Capital,  a leading peer-to-business lending platform backed by Vertex Ventures that connects growing SMEs to accredited investors and financial institutions. Before starting Validus Capital, Vikas served as the Joint Managing Director of Urbana Bengal NRI (BNRI). Additionally, he co-founded four different start-ups in the financial services, telco and manufacturing sectors.

Together, we discuss what about the peer-to-business lending sector that excites Vikas so much and his take on P2P lending in Southeast Asia and where it's headed.  Also, he shares his story on establishing partnership with Visa as an early stage startup and his advice for founders when seeking corporate partnerships early on.  Hope you guys enjoy this one!