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Aug 2, 2018

This week special guest is Eric Dadoun from Impiro.  Eric brings a world of knowledge, relationships and experience with him built on 15 years in the startup, tech and business world after having started his first company at 17 years old. He now plays an integral role at Impiro as well as some of their group companies such as Silverstreet and Twizo in terms of driving relationship development, strategy and new initiatives. His strong focus on providing great value, transparency and dedication as an angel investor has become synonymous with his approach to business and a foundational aspect of everything he does at Impiro.

Together, we discuss how Eric evaluates early stage companies when making angel investments and what additional value-add angels bring that VCs or institutional capital do not bring. We also take a deeper dive into the optimal relationship between an investor and founder as Eric answers the question, "Can an investor be a friend as well as an advisor?"