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Jun 19, 2018

This week’s special guest is Nikhil Kapur from Gree Ventures.  Nikhil is Principal and Head of South Asia at GREE Ventures. An entrepreneur by background and developer by training, he spends his time sourcing and managing the fund’s portfolio across South Asia. After building a profitable media-tech venture in India, he completed his MBA in Finance from NUS Business School. A Computer Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering, he previously developed the first version of Excel for mobile while at Microsoft. He was recently listed as Forbes 30-Under-30 in Asia.

Together, we discuss why Nikhil believes the funding gap exists at the seed level rather than at A/B round and he expresses his strong dislike for the convertible notes, explaining why they are worse for not only investors but founders too.  This episode was one of the more technical VC conversations I’ve had so far, hope you guys enjoy this one!

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